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What We Think Was Found From The Infamous Hatfield And McCoy Fire

Few rivalries go back as far as the Hatfields and the McCoys in this country. Well, aside from America vs England or like America vs Native Americans and anyone else we as a country have decided to hate, the Hatfields and McCoys top the list. From livestock theft to homicide, these two clans had it out for each other.

The two feuding families have made their peace after all these years later and have come together recently to excavate the McCoy house burned down by the Hatfields in 1888. A few years ago archaeologists had found a settlement nearby that they thought was the site of the fire, but later determined they were somewhat off.

This most recent dig unveiled some actual artifacts from the house fire and brought together the two families, who were both interested in unearthing their past. Parts of the cabin and burnt remnants were discovered. A comprehensive list wasn ‘t released but here are our best guesses as to what fueled both the fire and the fight.

  • Diary: A McCoy boy stole the Hatfield daughter ‘s diary and when she stormed over there to get it back, he lit it on fire to torment her. But when it got too hot he dropped it and the entire house went up in flames.
  • Pie tin: Auntie Hatfield brought over a nice pie for the eldest McCoy with the instructions to just heat it up in the oven before you eat it. But the pie was filled with gasoline and exploded the oven and the entire house!!
  • Sioux Arrowhead: Mr. Hatfield found an old arrowhead in his backyard and shot it into the McCoy ‘s home. But it knocked over an oil lamp and the place lit up! Boom! Just like that!
  • Remnants of a small trojan horse: The Hatfield family presented the McCoys with a trojan horse as an apology and olive branch of sorts. They really meant it to be a nice gesture but the McCoys accidentally put it too close to an open flame and the varnish on the wood burst into flames. Kapow!
  • Fire Extinguisher: One of the older McCoy sons was working on inventing the first modern day fire extinguisher. However he wasn ‘t quite finished with the prototype when his house caught in flames.

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