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Packing Hacks For The Summer Travel Season

Summertime means vacation means, unfortunately, PACKING. Determining not only what to pack for your trip, but also how to pack it in a way that maximizes suitcase space without damaging or forgetting anything, can be a challenge. These 16 ingenious packing hacks will have you all set for vacation and, finally, a little relaxation.

Start setting aside items for your trip one to three months in advance of your departure to give your packing experience an effortless feel.

Plan your outfit for each day of your trip, down to the socks and underwear. Glue all elements of each outfit together, creating a solid unit of clothes for each day.

Create a base layer at the bottom of your luggage that goes like this: sock bundle, banana, sock bundle, avocado, sock bundle, snake fruit, etc, until you run out of produce.

Save yourself some tough decision- ‘making by packing just bath towels, nothing else.

Protect your clothes from dirty soles by placing your regular footwear inside a pair of unworn sneakers several sizes larger.

Shove all left socks through one leg of a pair of underwear and all right socks through the other. This underwear is now the Master Pair and the only one you ‘ll need your entire trip.

Help your bras maintain shape by stacking them on top of each other and placing loose, single ‘-edge razor blades ‘wrapped in tissues, of course ‘between the cups.

This summer ‘s been a real scorcher! Slicing the sleeves off your shirts, sweaters, and jackets makes them not only more appropriate for the weather, but also slimmer when folded and easier to pack ‘leaves room for more snake fruit!

Throw some loose mints in with your clothes to keep everything smelling fresh.

Keep the head of your toothbrush tidy by storing it smooshed into the head of another toothbrush (as if they are KISSING [to express mutual affection]).

Bonus: now you have an extra toothbrush for anyone who ‘s willing to share your toothbrush germs (but NOT your brush ‘s bristles)!

Instead of bringing large bottles of spray ‘ cheese, you can store smaller, travel ‘ size amounts of the product in a (clean) contact case.

Keep any chargers and cords tangle- ‘free by wearing them as body necklaces ‘this also saves you the trouble of packing jewelry for your trip.

Pack as many postcards from home as you think you ‘ll need, then subtract 20% of those postcards so you ‘re not overstuffing your suitcase. Remember, you can always purchase more postcards once you ‘ve reached your vacation destination.

If you ‘re flying, pack a small pouch in your carry ‘-on and stock it with essentials ‘ID, boarding leaflet, keys, rickrack, mugwort (or majickal ritual herb of your choice), shoe glue, phone, a single condom, snake fruit, worry stones, etc.

Use a travel pill organizer to store and sort any pills you might buy during your trip. If you ‘re like us, you ‘ll wanna bring a whole bunch.

Traveling with lotion means you run the risk of bottles leaking in your bag. Instead, try carrying lotion directly in your hands: right for body wash, left for shampoo, unless you ‘re right-handed, cuz then the other way around, and if that ‘s the case also discount tips #4, 6, and 9!

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