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Please Watch These Outtakes From Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber Calvin Klein Ads

Do you remember when SNL spoofed that goofy Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ad, the one with all the fast drumming? It was many many moons ago, back in January of 2015. Here is a fast-paced refresher, by which we mean that whole SNL clip, if you wanna watch it, since when McKinnon plays Bieber he is a positively charming young boy.

This week, SNL released some bonus footage from the shoot, including outtakes, bloops, goofs, gags, flubs, fluffs, plomps, scootz, and klmrrrrrrs (we made some of those words up)! As far as outtakes go, these are very entertaining ones.

Oh, and before we forget, thank you for watching these outtakes from Kate McKinnon ‘s Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ads. It means a lot to us.

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