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‘Scienceology’ Episode #13: A Brief Hiatus?

Over the past week, the producers at Scienceology have had to face some hard truths, beyond just the hornet infestation inside all of the studio microphones. No, there is a much worse, albeit less sting-ey problem within our studios: diversity.

After being deluged with emails, tweets, one brick with a scary note written in blood on it, phone calls and some face-to-face screaming, we want our listeners to know ‘we got the message, loud and clear. And we agree, 100%: we need to do a much better job representing the vast breadth of voices and experiences that our planet has to offer, even in regard to Fijians.

So please listen to our latest episode outlining our plan for a more diverse science podcast (don ‘t forget to subscribe on iTunes and follow us on Soundcloud ‘yes, even you Fijians!), and please bear with us: we ‘re really trying.

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