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10 Ways The First Female Army Rangers Can Use Their Skills To Fend Off Sexual Assault From Fellow Soldiers

This week, two female soldiers made history by being the first women to pass the incredibly rigorous Army Ranger course. However, with sexual assault still rampant in the U.S. armed forces and the Pentagon continuing to drag its feet on allowing women to participate in combat situations, it looks like these highly-trained soldiers will largely be relegating their skill set to fend off unwanted advances from male soldiers. Here ‘s how some of those skills will come in handy in this context:

  • Being required to run long distances without becoming fatigued will allow the female Rangers to outlast even the most determined rapists

  • With incredible stealth and camouflage skills, they will be able to hide in plain sight from predatory commanding officers

  • Water immersion experience will also help the women avoid rape by submerging themselves out of view of their male counterparts

  • Required 20/20 vision will allow the women spot potential predators from a long way off

  • Troop extraction training can be used to remove fellow female soldiers from hostile situations caused by male soldiers

  • An encyclopedic knowledge of knots will come in helpful in the unfortunate event the female rangers are forcibly tied up

  • Extensive training in reading maps will help the women find the nearest victim outreach center

  • Passing the Army Ranger History test will allow the female soldiers to learn from past operations and potentially prevent them from getting into situations where they are vulnerable to assault by fellow rangers

  • Recon skills will help the female Rangers track troop movements, particularly those of U.S. troops infiltrating women ‘s barracks in the middle of the night

  • Being able to carve out someone ‘s esophagus with a huge knife in about three seconds should come in handy

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