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LINKS! A Conversation With The Fat Jew, The (Mostly) Complete History Of Weird Al On TV, And More!

This week ‘s links also do weddings and bar mitzvahs.

  • This Controversial Interview With The Fat Jew Is Either Fantastic Or Frustrating – Vulture
  • Is Bernie Sanders Actually Larry David? @Seinfeld2000 Investigates – VICE
  • Stephen Colbert Brilliantly Discusses His Plan To Reinvent Late Night – GQ
  • 10 Comedies In Which The Main Character Shouldn ‘t Have Gotten The Girl – Mandatory
  • Inside The Japanese Subculture Of Ignoring American Reporters Even If They ‘re Rad As Hell – The Onion
  • A (Mostly) Complete History Of Weird Al Yankovic ‘s TV Career – Uproxx
  • Here ‘s How To Defend Yourself Against A Pit Bull Owner Attack – Above Average
  • These Translated Foreign Movie Posters Are V Funny – Team Coco

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