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No Shootings in America

Follow us at “Fame and infamy are in an ethical sense, opposites. Functionally, they are nearly identical.” – Clayton Cramer, “Ethical Problems of Mass Murder Coverage in the Mass Media” Journal of Mass Media Ethics, 1993. WRITTEN BY: Ryan E. Hoffman & Nick Ruggia DIRECTED BY: Ryan E. Hoffman & Nick Ruggia EDITED BY: Steve W. Thompson CINEMATOGRAPHY: Matt Grego VFX: Daniel Saldivar SOUND DESIGN: Bill Colvin SOUND OP: Ben Cannell PRODUCTION MANAGER: Phillip Causey CAST: CYNTHIA MOOSEWHISTLE: Adriana DeGirolami BERNARD KELLY: Ryan E. Hoffman SHEP DELHOMME: Pete Lee VICTORIA MUNCH: Zoe Farmingdale MELKY PINKERTON: Kase Raso EARL DENNY WILLIAMS III: Nick Ruggia GRADY FREDERICKSON: Sam Haft BG: Zena Wood, Alina Gerasimova, Fredrik Alfredsson, Susan Hodges, Hollie Zegman

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