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Celebrate #WomensEqualityDay With These Funny Tweets And Also Other Things

If you ‘ve been online today you ‘re probably aware that it ‘s #WomensEqualityDay, a sort of real holiday that remembers a very important date in history. If you haven ‘t been online you ‘ve probably sensed the surge of estrogen and empowerment in the air (also, how are you reading this?). Ninety-five years ago today, women earned the right to vote under the 19th Amendment. So what that really means is that white women got the right to vote and minority women had to hang tight till the Voting Rights Act to join in on the political participation party.
Nonetheless, the 19th Amendment is incredibly important and dope as hell, so to celebrate it here are some funny women on Twitter tweeting about it.

Mk, so I honestly only found these four tweets before it became pretty difficult to find more. There were a whole bunch of sincere tweets from lady politicians and celebrities with beautiful hair and I ‘m not here to put people down when they ‘re feeling groovy. Women probably have a bunch of other things going on today that are keeping them from making jokes about #WomensEqualityDay, like running their own business or raising families or racking up millions of YouTube subscribers from their beauty and computer tutorials.
Also, I guess there isn ‘t that much that ‘s funny about women getting the right to vote. It ‘s mostly just cool and important. So here ‘s what we should all do to celebrate women.

  • Find a woman, preferably one you know and are close with. High-five them just as hard as you would a man.
  • Watch this video of one of the earliest recorded female stand-up comedy acts, Jean Carroll.
  • Take a man ‘s wallet, remove the bills, and rip down the middle, roughly split 75/25 to represent how much ladies are making to the man ‘s dollar.
  • Fav two gals ‘ tweets for every dude ‘s tweet.
  • RT @crystal, who was the first woman to join Twitter.
  • Unfollow only to follow again Laverne Cox
  • If you ‘re a woman, hold an election. It can be any type of election. Personally, I chose to vote on my afternoon snack and I let everything win.

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