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The 9 Best Internet Things Of All Time Of The Week

Welcome to our weekly rundown of what ‘s hot on the world wide web of content. Whether it ‘s breaking news or a classic blast from the past, if you can find it online you can find it right here.

Now Is It Pronounced Mare-io Or Mar-io?

Honestly, who cares? Let ‘s try to focus on how dope this IRL Mario skate vid is instead. Priorities, people!

State Of Embarrassment

This v cool map highlights which state leads the nation in which embarrassing Google searches. And while only North Dakota could claim victory, it ‘s safe to that every state is most embarrassed to have ever googled ‘Limp Bizkit.”

ISIS Drops That Hot Fire

The Twitter account @isis_karaoke takes your favorite tunes and sets them to the ultra-melodic images of the terrorist group known as ISIS.

Dave Chappelle Raps About AIDS

One of the main objectives of the ’90s, besides figuring out how to get us from the ’80s to the new millennium, was educating the world about AIDS. In this retro vid, a young, rapping Dave Chappelle does his part.

h/t Uproxx

Between Two Cheeks

We ‘ve heard of photobombs, but photobutts? Instagram-er Jeremy Levenbach takes his butt nearly everywhere he goes, including next to some very famous funny people.

Manhattan, NY April 2013 – photo credit Mindy Tucker @withreservation

A photo posted by Jeremy Levenbach (@levenbutt) on

Manhattan, NY November 2013 – photo credit Mindy Tucker @withreservation *** with @peteholmes

A photo posted by Jeremy Levenbach (@levenbutt) on

Manhattan, NY July 2013 – photo credit Kara Klenk @karaklenk

A photo posted by Jeremy Levenbach (@levenbutt) on

h/t The A.V. Club

Honky Cat

Ten dollars goes out to the first major label recording artist who samples this cat into one of their songs.

Swing Low (Prices), Sweet Chariot

The normal everyday people over at Laughing Squid rounded up a bunch of Walmart chants that various store locations use to get mad hype. What are Walmart chants, you ask? Why, they ‘re insanity at it ‘s best, of course.

Dog Gone Busted

Are we really gonna punish this dog for making great viral content? Not a chance.

Fair Point

If we ‘re being honest, this one might make the list every single week.

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