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Let This John Oliver Supercut Teach You Just How Little You Know About Geography

One of the running gags in Last Week Tonight has been that when John Oliver talks about a country, a graphic above his shoulder will show you that country on a map only to, after a few seconds, reveal that, actually no, that ‘s the wrong country, and you ‘re a huge dummy, when it comes to world geography. Oliver ‘s method of teaching makes sense because, as any geography teacher will tell you, the ideal way for students to learn geography is for them to be humorously shamed into knowing it, and as any comedian will tell you, the key to good comedy is map-related humor.

Here, in supercut form courtesy of Youtube user Andnowthesethings, is John Oliver correcting you and making you feel bad about your lack of geographical knowledge again and again and again ‘because that ‘s how supercuts work.

h/t The A.V. Club

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