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LINKS! The 10 Most Epic Car Sing-Alongs In Movie History, The Bluth Family’s Worst Business Decisions, And More!

This week ‘s links are all superstars in their own way.

  • The 10 Most Epic Car Sing-Alongs In Movie History – Complex
  • Ed Sheeran Did A Terrible Job Of Guest-Editing This List Of Fluffy Otters – Clickhole
  • 7 Times The VMA Went to a YouTube Lyric Video – Reductress
  • Remembering The Bluth Family ‘s Worst Business Decisions – Uproxx
  • Joey Fatone Warns One Direction ‘Everything Is About To Be Terrible” – Above Average
  • Only Watch This Year ‘s CONAN Scrapisode If You Love Flubs, Blunders, And, Of Course, Big-Time Bloops – Team Coco
  • 8 Times Cops Threw Shade At Dumb Criminals On Social Media – someecards

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