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Take Me To Kirk

Take Me To Kirk – iTunes – Vocals by George Steeves Lyrics by Chuck McCarthy & Chris Hatfield Music Video Cast: Khan Noonien Singh – George Steeves Kirk – Kevin Rindfleisch Spock – Chris Hatfield Security Officer 1st Class – Timmy L'Heureux Security Officer 2nd Class – Connor Morris Botany Bay Crew #1 – Logan Strobel Botany Bay Crew #2 – Melanie Leanne Miller Botany Bay Crew #3 – Christian B. Schmidt Botany Bay Crew #4 – Laura Seyffert Botany Bay Crew #5 – Cassandra Gonzales Director – Chuck McCarthy DP – Peter Magn ‘sson Editor – Chuck McCarthy FX Editor – Logan Strobel Craft Services – Cassandra Gonzales Production Assistant – Amanda Mancini Special Thanks Heather Saenz, Charley Koontz, Mary McCarthy, Kirsten Severson, Michelle Council, and The People Of Earth. Plus Jeremy Luke. A Jam Explosion SFX from

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