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Don’t F My Hair Up Music Video

The Tan In Winter love letter to hairstylists and colorists. Written by Kat Purgal ( Track Produced by Preston Earnest ( Ukulele by Kat Purgal Vocals by Nadia Benavides ( & Kat Purgal Camera Operated by Nadia Benavides and Preston Earnest Edited by Kat Purgal —— LYRICS no i didn ‘t ask for layers you are now on a list of my haters i dread this moment all day you misinterpret everything i say i pay you lots and lots of money so get it right or your nose will be bloody i show you pictures that you ignore i ‘ll be the bull to your matador (i ‘ll kill you) don ‘t muck my hair up don ‘t yuck my hair up this doesn ‘t look like we had discussed i will jam your scissors into your bust don ‘t shuck my hair up just do i what i ask if your cut is shoddy they sure won ‘t identify your body don ‘t touch my hair with that straightener or else to your eyeballs i will use a stapler you tell me brunettes pull red but that ‘s not what this pinterest said why can ‘t you give me the color i requested instead you ‘re trying to get me arrested (cuz i ‘ll kill you) don ‘t cluck my hair up don ‘t duck my hair up or that coffee will be your last cup i ‘m gonna feed your body to a wolf pup don ‘t shmuck my hair up unless you wanna die you tell me that you care but you always double book they say it ‘s only hair but if you curse me with a thinned out unmanageable haircut i will murder you then we ‘ll all be screwed don ‘t buck my hair up don ‘t suck my hair up i will slice you in a million pieces then give your loved ones all the diseases so please don ‘t jack it up (or i ‘ll kill you) ——- Facebook: Twitter: @taninwinter Instagram: @taninwinter Send fanmail/inquires/hellos to taninwinter (at) gmail (dot) com

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