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This Pile Of Screaming Plastic Ducks Has Waged War On The Internet

Known collectively as the Duck Army, these ducks are battling the rest of the internet for meme supremacy. And like all good things, it was born out of one man ‘s desire to embarrass his girlfriend in public.

Also, like most good things, it doesn ‘t really get kickin ‘ until the 35th or 36th viewing.

Of course, no army is truly an army until other soldiers enlist. So with that, below are a small handful of the internet ‘s hottest takes and coolest spins on the one of the internet newest delights. Enjoy!


Sounds just like a meme.

If you count them there are 2020 ducks.

Duck? More like the GOAT!

OK, don ‘t freak out, but here ‘s another one.

It ‘s fun how Swiftly a meme can spread.

The Duck Army done gon ‘ and joined the army.

I can see your Halo.

It ‘s been a long day with you my friends.

When the Duck Army goes to war, there are bound to be some casualties.

And finally ‘

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