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This Just In: All News Anchors Live In Awe Of Majestic Sea Creatures

Being a news reporter must get pretty monotonous from time to time. Aside from Fox News and MSNBC, most reporters are encouraged to remain impartial and even-keeled, which is undoubtedly difficult when covering controversial or distressing stories. These dudes and lady-dudes are pros, though, and rarely break. Unless we ‘re talkin ‘ whales. Well, whales and sharks, to be fair.

It turns out nothing gets reporters ‘ engines revving like beautiful and ginormous aquatic life. We ‘re not talking a polished eyebrow raise used for dramatic effect; these people are going completely off script and in a way, it ‘s like we get to see them in the wild.

First, we have Australian anchorman Karl Stefanovic who is left completely speechless and horrified by footage of a great white shark .

While Stefanovic is visibly petrified and stunned into silence, large aquatic life can also dumbfound news anchors in an entirely different direction. Below is a video of BBC ‘s Steve Backshall, who upon not seeing but hearing that his helicopter correspondent had seen a blue whale, gives the an Oscar worthy monologue on the beauty of the planet.

As you can see, news anchors may have some autonomy of which way they will react to large, stunning water animals, but no control over the fact that they will overact no matter what. This is neither good nor bad, just simply an observation ‘ an observation, though, that answers the question, ‘Who watches the watchmen?” (We do. That ‘s where I was going with that. And the watchmen like aquatic life. OK, cool.)

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