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The 9 Best Internet Things Of All Time Of The Week

Welcome to our weekly rundown of what ‘s hot and what ‘s also hot on the world wide web of content. Whether it ‘s breaking news or a classic blast from the past, if you can find it online you can find it right here.

Imagine Seinfeld was Kayne

Kanye West ‘s infamous VMA acceptance speech gets the @Seinfeld2000 treatment. While a super fun play on an already great goof, it ‘s not hard to imagine Ye actually being able to make it as a comedian, should that whole president thing not pan out.

‘China.” ‘ Donald Trump

In this video Donald Trump says the word ‘China” over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over, etc.

via HuffPost Movie Mashups

C.R.E.A.M. (Cats Rule Everything Around Me)

While is certainly in the running for greatest URL name of all time, the content within is also pretty fun. It ‘s basically cats covered in money and get off our backs what else do you want from us?!

via Tumblr

C.R.E.A.M. Pt. 2

We ‘re sticking with cats for this next one. A definite viral classic we ‘ve watched no less than 90 times over the past couple of years. If you ‘re a parent, please make sure your children see this one before sending them back to school lest they be teased forever.

All I Wanna Do ‘ Is Watch This On Repeat

And who NOSE, maybe I will.

via Vine

Dive Witness News

Hard-hitting news becomes that much harder when you ‘re hanging 10 feet over a pool.

h/t Uproxx

Split Decision

Vine star Logan Paul goes around NYC quickly dropping into the full-on splits with just a little help from ‘Uptown Funk.” It ‘s actually sort of incredible. Our favorite part? Just how little many of the New Yorkers give a shit.

C.R.E.A.M. Pt. 3

Kitty does NOT want to say ‘Hi” to the fans.

via Vine

Peanut Brother and Jelly

According to the kids ‘ mother, this week ‘s top viral vid was originally shot in 2004, so here ‘s hoping they actually went through with that planned bath.

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