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Women Can ‘t Wait To Talk To Priests About Their Abortions!

This week Pope Francis announced that priests are authorized to forgive abortions, which were formerly an excommunicable sin. It ‘s only for the ‘Year of Mercy,” though, which runs from December 8th through November 20th 2016. We spoke to several women about this exciting turn of events.

‘I can ‘t wait to talk to Father Mike about my abortion!” ‘ Sarah, 26

‘I ‘m happy that I can be forgiven instead of excommunicated for my abortion. But what I ‘m most excited about is that now I can talk about it with Father Sheridan. I ‘ve always wanted to discuss my abortion with my priest, but wasn ‘t able to. Now I can, and I ‘m thrilled.” ‘ Jane, 45

‘Thank goodness for Pope Francis. He ‘s done so many good things: fought against climate change, accepted gay Catholics, and now, he ‘s saying that it ‘s a grave moral sin to have an abortion but I no longer have to pretend it didn ‘t happen to me in the eyes of God. I mean, that ‘s real progress.” ‘ Harriett, 62

‘I was trying really hard not to get pregnant because I didn ‘t want to get an abortion and get excommunicated, but now I can ‘t wait to have one and ask my priest for forgiveness!” ‘ Madison, 21

‘My priest and I talk about everything: my wandering eye, my doubting thoughts about Jesus, and now it only seems natural to talk to him about my second-term abortion!” ‘ Katherine, 39

‘At first I wasn ‘t sure if I would confess my abortion now that it ‘s forgivable. But then I thought about Father Reiman ‘s complete lack of understanding about women ‘s bodies and sexuality and I realized, ‘Yeah. What a relief. My priest is exactly who I want to speak to about this. ‘ ” ‘ Holly, 25

‘Oh, I confessed my abortions to my priest years ago and was summarily excommunicated. It was worth it ‘ I couldn ‘t wait to tell my priest all about them!” ‘ Susan, 70

‘Wait a minute, you ‘re saying it ‘s cool for women to ask for forgiveness for their abortions? Uh, could you please point me in the direction of the closest Catholic church?” ‘ Justine, 30

‘I confessed my abortion I had when I was 15 to my priest this morning. After years of self-doubt, regret, and wondering what would have happened if I ‘d had that baby, Father Cruz told me to do ten Hail Marys and suddenly I felt totally forgiven. Thank goodness that ordeal is finally over!” ‘ Kelly, 32

‘I ‘ve never had an abortion, but I ‘m definitely going to breathe a little easier until November 20th 2016.” ‘ Rachel, 22

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