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New Promo For ‘Scienceology’s’ Sister Podcast DIRECTIONS WITH RICHARD DONEGAN

Scienceology is still on hiatus, but in the meantime, check out the latest promo for our sister show, Directions with Richard Donagan, the only podcast on iTunes that dedicates each episode to giving you driving directions between two specific addresses in a random American city or region. Want to find out how to get from 56 State Street to 136 Frost Avenue in Rochester, New York when there are rush hour delays on 490? Check out episode #221 ‘Donagan ‘s got you covered. How about if you ‘re looking to get from 22 East Southgate Road to 19 Beverly Road outside of Enid, Oklahoma? You better believe Donagan ‘s on it; just give episode #447 a listen. So subscribe and never get lost again, provided you ‘re looking to go from one very precise location to another very precise location!

Donagan ‘s got your back, and y'all know he ‘s not just doin ‘ it for the nookie.

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