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‘Hell ‘s Club’ Is The Club Scene Movie Mashup You Didn ‘t Know You Needed

These days it can feel like every cool vid on the Internet is a far-fetched mashup of two very different things, like what if THIS ONE THING was combined with THIS SECOND, VERY DIFFERENT THING, and how nuts would that be, it ‘d be pretty wild, huh, because the things that got combined are so different, y'know?

But what if you want to see 20 or 30 kinda similar things all mashed up into an improbable but also seamless and perfect short film? This new project, made by Antonio Maria Da Silva, is exactly that short film that you were thinking about just now! Called Hell ‘s Club, it combines fictional characters from Star Wars, Saturday Night Fever, Boogie Nights, Night at the Roxbury, Austin Powers, Terminator, and seemingly countless more films that all take place ~in da club~, thus creating one timeless, placeless time and place soundtracked by different remixes of ‘Stayin ‘ Alive” by the Bee Gees.

Anyway, the whole thing ‘s pretty wild, cuz it ‘s all kinda similar stuff getting combined, and that ‘s pretty nuts, y ‘know?

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