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Watch Jason Sudeikis And Jimmy Fallon Play A Drinking Game On TV Because TGIF

If you ever find yourself thinking, ‘Wow, Jimmy Fallon ‘s celebrity games are great but missing one thing, and the thing that I ‘m talking about is drinking,” let ‘s just say you ‘re in luck! In DRINKO, Fallon and his celebrity guest ‘this time Jason Sudeikis ‘compete to make the grossest drink combo by passing two pieces of sparkly pepperoni (???) through a sorta janky ripoff of the PLINKO contraption from The Price Is Right until those pepperonis fall into some cups, and then they take the pepperonis out of the cups (with their hands!!) and mix those two probably germ-infested liquids in a nice glass and make their opponent drink them.

Sounds fun right?? Check it out below ‘it ‘s just like when you played drinking games at college, except Jason Sudeikis is there and you ‘re not playing, you ‘re just watching it online in your pajamas.

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