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EUROPE: “The Whole Migrants-In-Crowded-Trains-Writing-Numbers-On-Their-Arms-Prison-Camp Thing DID Feel A Lil’ Familiar”

Op-Ed Guest Contributor, Europe

So, we want to be the first to admit it ‘ your ol ‘ pal Europe may have already somewhat mishandled this humanitarian crisis, Re: Muslim refugees fleeing war-torn countries such as Syria and Iraq, looking for better lives for themselves. Obviously, when all ‘s said and done, hindsight is 20/20, right? Even so, we gotta come clean ‘ when we were loading those migrants onto crowded trains like cattle, lying to them with promises of freedom, and instead detaining them in camps and writing identification numbers on their hands ‘ it did all start to seem like we ‘d maybe done this before, somewhere along the line.

Talk about d ‘j ‘ vu, right?

It was probably around the time when political leaders from Greece, France, Bulgaria, and elsewhere started stoking the fires of Nationalism by fear-mongering in regard to how these ‘outsiders” whose ‘foreign culture” would snuff out ‘traditional ways” that we were like, ‘Wait a minute, didn ‘t we dehumanize some disenfranchised group of people exactly like this before? And then round them up like livestock for some reason?”

Believe it or not, we still couldn ‘t quite put our finger on it. But as we were misleading people and telling them they would soon be set free before having armed soldiers force them into camps ‘ camps where their numbers could be ‘concentrated,” if you will ‘ complete with high fences topped with barbed wire, that nagging feeling just got stronger and stronger.

Where had we seen all this before?

Someone suggested maybe we were just remembering a movie we had seen, like Schindler ‘s List or something. That seemed reasonable for a little while, but ultimately, it didn ‘t explain away the feeling that we had directly participated in something just like this before.

Then we were really wracking our brains: When did we keep track of people and categorize them by physically putting numbers on their bodies, and why would we even be doing that the first time around? And was it really so long ago that it would have slipped our mind?

When we finally remembered what this whole situation was reminding us of, man ‘ we were so embarrassed. Turns out, we did almost this exact same thing, like only 70 years ago! How the heck did we forget that?

At first we thought maybe it slipped our minds because it was like some little forgettable event that only happened for a minute or something. But when we looked into it more, we were totally blown away. It was a pretty big deal; pretty messy situation, to be honest.

So NOW we totally get why everyone ‘s upset. Heck, we ‘re upset with ourselves, too ‘ how the heck did we forget about all that ‘ unpleasantness?

Oh well. All we can do at this point is apologize and promise to learn from our mistakes.

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