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Video Somehow Makes It Look Like Barack Obama Is Singing That “Can’t Feel My Face” Song

A new video released by YouTuber Baracksdubs seems to suggest that the leader of the free world spent his long, Labor Day weekend recording his own version of The Weeknd ‘s summer jam, ‘Can ‘t Feel My Face.” Of course, I would think he ‘d have better things to do myself, but what do I know?

Before posting this, several folks around the office suggested that this is probably just an intense labor of editing love from Baracksdubs himself, and that President Obama had little to nothing at all to do with it. But that makes no sense, because Obama is onscreen the whole time, so obviously they ‘re wrong and I ‘m right, no?

That said, I ‘m willing to admit that I AM a big-time dummy who has never been on the internet before and am super gullible. But still ‘ He at least had to give the thumbs up, right? Eh, either way, it ‘s better than another installment of ‘Slow Jam The News.”

via Baracksdubs, h/t The A.V. Club

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