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Tinder Unveils New “Super Like” Feature

Do you often find that you ‘re swiping through Tinder, just seeing so many eligible people, like too many hotties who seem charismatic, fun, and not like they live in their parents ‘ basement? Of course not, because Tinder is known for being a late night grab bag of geographically convenient poon (and boy-poon.) But in case you do find someone you think might be worth meeting in person over a drink and who won ‘t kidnap you, and you ‘d like to really get their attention, Tinder is unveiling the ‘Super Like” option.
Instead of swiping right, you swipe up and the receiver of the super like will be notified when they come across the swiper ‘s profile. Users are also only given a limited number of super likes so they must choose wisely on who they want to bestow them upon.

It ‘s great because now instead of wondering if your awkward coworker is into you, you can clearly see that they super like you and move your desk super far away from theirs. It ‘s super convenient.

To be fair though, with this new feature, Tinder ought to add a ‘super dislike” or ‘double nope” that activates by either throwing your phone across the room or more subtly seeing a person ‘s profile and slowly putting your phone down and sighing deeply. This would not only hide your profile from a user but also limit how many times they type ‘cool pic” with no follow up to someone they ‘ve matched with.

Tinder also released this trailer promoting the new feature, where they fully admit their app is overrun with a lot of thirsty creeps. For those of you on Tinder, please use this new feature, which is in Australia for right now and will come to the USA in a few months, responsibly. Also remember that getting a ‘super like” from someone likely means they are just ‘super horny.”

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