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Everyone Stop Worrying! Justin Timberlake And Jimmy Fallon Are Still Friends Doing Friend Stuff

With a seemingly eternal abundance of celebs breaking up or getting outed as being #problematic, it can be comforting to seek solace through either (a) meditation, or (b) watching some vids that remind you that two big-time goofballs are friends. And since the first option is something we ‘re not trained to do, we ‘re here to help with the second. Famous friends Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake have been spotted twice recently being famous friends, and if that ‘s something you want to watch videos of, keep scrolling.

First, at the US Open, the pals danced to ‘Single Ladies,” a song by Beyonce Knowles. JT and Fallon are neither single nor ladies but I guess the officials at the US Open weren ‘t checking IDs for you to be able to dance to this song!

And later (or technically before? The friends were watching Roger Federer play tennis on Wednesday night, and this clip aired Wednesday night, which means it was filmed Wednesday afternoon, so it was filmed before the tennis match even though it aired on TV after the tennis match. Crazy, right?) they performed a sixth edition of their ‘History of Rap” on The Tonight Show.

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