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Freshman Writes Passive Aggressive Note to Roommate; Everyone Better for It

By: Amy Corson

In a pleasant twist of events this past Thursday, Monica Hunt, a freshman currently living in Briscoe, wrote a passive aggressive note to her roommate, Diana, with astoundingly positive results.

The roommate, Diana Watson, a nineteen year old studying informatics, had left smudges of make-up around the basin of the sink the two of them share.

‘I knew her behavior was bothering me, and I knew it was afair thing to ask her to keep an eye out for, so I decided the best course of action was to be direct with her about it, and let her know how I felt.” Said Hunt about the make-up situation, adding ‘But that seems, like ‘. really awkward and scary. So instead I left a post-it on her computer. ‘

The post-it in question read: ‘Hey roomie! When you get the chance, do you think you could clean up the huge mess you made in the sink? It ‘s making it really hard to add water to my Easy Mac. Love you- thanks!”

According to Watson, this is not the first passive aggressive note she ‘s received.

‘Yeah I get them, like, every other day, if we ‘re being honest” She explained ‘And at first they really irritated me, but then I thought ‘Hey! This is a super valid way to communicate that is neither demeaning nor a complete waste of everyone ‘s time ‘ and ever since then, we ‘ve been great.”

Some people have had their doubts about the impact of this system on the long-term relationship of the two roomies, one of them being Jenna Fry, the pair ‘s current RA.

‘I don ‘t know, it just seems like that ‘s going to end up being a bigger problem down the road.” Said Fry, distractedly peering down the hallway to monitor her floor. ‘But” she added ‘This is Briscoe. If we can go a week without the cops being called, we don ‘t really care about anything else.”

‘I really think we ‘re the future of communication” said Hunt earnestly. ‘Like, from here I ‘d really like to branch out to having whole conversations solely by post-it. Someday, if we work at it, we may be able to communicate without having to actually talk at all.”

Watson empathetically agreed ‘Honestly, that would be great. I ‘m not exaggerating when I say I would be really happy to never have to talk to her again.”

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Amy Corson is a senior at Indiana University, studying Theatre and Telecommunications. She is part of the sketch comedy group the University tWits, and is kind of afraid of raccoons. You can find her on Twitter at @amycorson1

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