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Soldiers Are Breastfeeding Their Babies In Uniform, Yeah WOMEN Soldiers, Asshole

A photo is circling the internet of soldiers at a Texas military base breastfeeding their newborns, showing their support of the normalization and acceptance of public breastfeeding, specifically in the service. Yeah, that ‘s right. Soldiers are breastfeeding and those soldiers are women. When you saw the word ‘soldiers” you thought men and then when you saw ‘breastfeeding” you thought to yourself, ‘Men can ‘t breastfeed; what ‘s going on?!” Maybe you corrected yourself immediately but you still thought it, didn ‘t you?

Well, news fuckin ‘ flash, monsieur, it ‘s 2015 and women have been able to attend military academies for almost 40 years and they ‘ve been able to be a part of combat missions for like 20 years and they ‘ve been getting sexually assaulted the entire time (that ‘s beside the point, but still.) Did we blow your tiny little infant mind with that one? Huh? Yeah, bet we did.

And bet you want to see the photo of these lady soldiers, just to prove that it ‘s real. Here it is, assholes.

Soldiers at Fort Bliss, a Texas military base. Excuse me, WOMEN soldiers at Fort Bliss.

There you go. Are you worried now? Are you worried as to what this means about you? That you immediately thought soldiers were men? Are doctors men, too? What about dads? Yeah, open your mind with that one, buddy. Imagine a female dad. She probably exists. Who knows? Just deal with that little thought in your brain now, fuckers.

So feel free to go about your day, and don ‘t try to give us any excuse like ‘We never thought the soldiers were men and clearly understood they were female soldiers breastfeeding their kids as soon as we read the sentence, why are you being so tough on us?” Yeah right. We weren ‘t born yesterday like those newborn tit-suckin ‘ babies. But stay away from them. They don ‘t need to be raised and influenced by your sexist, backwards ways, ya fucks.

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