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10 Gandhi Vs. ‘Friends’ Mashups We Decided To Make

Mahatma Ghandi was one of the most generous, selfless souls who has ever walked the Earth. The preeminent leader of the Indian independence movement, Gandhi ‘s philosophy of radical non-violence still inspires many of today ‘s most prominent thought leaders and will continue to do so for centuries to come.

Anyhow, we thought it would be fun to mashup his likeness and legacy with the successful ’90s sitcom Friends.

For this first mashup we wondered what the Friends logo would look like if it said ‘Gandhi.”

Chandler as Gandhi? Sure, why not.

Classic Friends scene. Classic Gandhi quote. Mashups don ‘t get any better than this!

This one has the famous fountain from Friends.

This is something.

How YOU doin ‘? Should we stop?

Gunthdi ‘ Get it? That ‘s really all we got for this one.

And to think you could have gone your whole life without seeing Ben Kinsley as Gandhi mashed onto Fat Monica hanging out at Central Perk.

You ‘ll notice for this one we added Rachel (from Friends).

And finally, here ‘s another one we made.

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