By: Madalyn Baldanzi

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Top 12 Worst Places To Get Arrested For Being An Undocumented Immigrant Other Than A Gynecologist’s Office

This week, Blanca Borrego was arrested in her gynecologist ‘s office after making a follow up appointment about a painful abdominal cyst. The medical office alerted the authorities after receiving Borrego ‘s fake ID. This is a pretty terrible way to find out you might get deported: when you think you ‘re receiving private, badly needed medical help. Below is our list of even worse places to get arrested.

  1. None.

  2. We really couldn ‘t think of any.

  3. That ‘s a terrible thing to do to a human being who needed your help.

  4. Can you imagine walking into an exam room, vulnerable and worried, only to find that your entire life has now fallen apart?

  5. It ‘s so important to trust your doctor, and this gynecologist obliterated that.

  6. Talk about not living up to your Hippocratic Oath.

  7. What kind of a doctor actively ruins someone ‘s life?

  8. That ‘s the opposite of what doctors are supposed to do.

  9. At the end of the day we ‘re all people, and doctors should understand that better than anyone.

  10. Will this woman get the help she needs?

  11. Can you imagine her ever feeling safe at a doctor ‘s office again?

  12. Yeah, a gynecologist ‘s office is definitely the worst place to get arrested for being an undocumented immigrant.

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