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NEWS: What Crepe’s Closure Sort Of Disappoints Local

What Crepe ‘s ClosureSort Of Disappoints Local

‘Oh, next to Afternoon Delight?”

When news broke late Tuesday of brunch restaurant What Crepe ‘s closure, local Henry Chatman was sort of disappointed.

‘I never went to What Crepe, but I always intended to,” said Chatman.

What Crepe, which served both savory and sweet variations, was located next to Afternoon Delight, a restaurant also known for its brunch options. The two shared a restroom.

‘Whenever I went to the bathroom at Afternoon Delight, I ‘d pass by What Crepe on my way to pee and think, ‘Huh. Well, that ‘s an idea. ‘”

Attempts to reach What Crepe management for comment have been unsuccessful.

Chatman recommends the blueberry bran muffin at Afternoon Delight.

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