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The 9 Best Internet Things Of All Time Of The Week

Welcome to our weekly rundown of cool internet stuff. What are we talking here? We ‘re talking hot new hashtags, we ‘re talking cool new vids, and, of course, we ‘re talking ’bout them classic bloops and fails. Think of it this way: If it can be found online, it can probably be found here.

When you say 6 seconds is enough but you just lying to yourself

Easily the best thing to happen on the internet in the last 30 days is the almost complete meme-takeover of ‘Why You Always Lying.” Unfortunately for meme fiends, what started out as an Instagram video was immediately shortened to a Vine and is now mostly seen spreading in the form of single-image reaction posts. BUT NO MORE! Finally, it ‘s creator has blessed us all with this full-length, 4:20 second version of THE song of September.

h/t Noisey

When you stuck in traffic and your song comes on

Feel free to watch this for as long as you want, just remember there are still seven more great things left on this list.

h/t @viralvines

When you think a tweet is real, but you bein ‘ trolled and now you look real dumb

Earlier this week, Twitter genius @jonnysun fired off the following mind-blowing tweet. If you like attention to detail, check out how many tabs he has open on each screenshot.

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