By: Mike Scollins

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I ‘d Like To Retroactively Dislike The Following Facebook Posts

With the announcement that Facebook is finally releasing a Dislike button to the masses, I ‘d like to retroactively Dislike the following posts:

We ‘ve worked together for three years. I know you like to keep your professional and personal lives separate but this still stung a little.

This is a nice post but, unfortunately, he left it for somebody else. On John ‘s birthday, I got him an iPad.

Why wasn ‘t I invited to this? I would have liked to come to this.

This was a shitty way to find out we broke up.

This was also hard to see on my Newsfeed. ?

Wait, you were at this party, too? I specifically asked what you were doing that night and you said you had an upset stomach??

This was the ONE wall post I got on my birthday.

I specifically remember asking everyone on the 4 train to forget that happened. I wasn ‘t feeling well!!!

My entire high school posted this as a single unit?! Jesus, you guys.

I honestly just wish you would Unfriend me at this point.

Why does a Group like this exist? Who started it? These are real questions so please FB Message me w/ answers. Def wish there was a Dislike button that day.

Honestly, it was almost refreshing to get a notification for something that wasn ‘t a personal attack. But I still Dislike ’cause the forum is wrong.

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