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Larry Wilmore Reveals Fox’s Greatest Magic Trick: Convincing Us #BlackLivesMatter Is Killing Cops

Larry Wilmore did something he was not supposed to do. He did it on air and he ‘s a fool if he doesn ‘t think there will be repercussions. Wilmore, a magician himself, revealed how another magician does their magic tricks.
Okay, okay, before the brotherhood of magic men and wizardly women spear him with a wand, the magician he outed was Fox News and the trick was ‘convincing the American public that 1) cops are being killed in record numbers and 2) the #BlackLivesMatter movement is responsible for it.

The illusion sort of breaks down when you realize that 2015 is actually the lowest cop killings have been in 25 years and that #BlackLivesMatter has no intention of killing cops. Watch the entire clip for the rest of the racially cloaked magic to be revealed.

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