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Tom Brady Endorsed Trump So He Deserves That Garbage Courtroom Sketch He Got

You ‘d think that Tom Brady would chill on getting himself involved with scandals so immediately after #deflategate. He ought to just focus on keeping his mouth shut and his tight ends open. But perhaps he finds comfort in his own embroilment because he gone done it again.

In the Patriot ‘s locker room yesterday Brady endorsed Donald Trumpfor president. That sucks right? Because this is a dude who people look up to because he can throw a football real good. And there are enough idiots who blindly follow him that might now think, well if Mr. Football likes Trump, then I like Trump. We can only bank on so many of them being dumb enough that they aren ‘t registered to vote.

But what this really boils down to is that by endorsing Trump, Tom Brady deserves that shitty courtroom sketch he got during the #deflategate trial. Don ‘t remember that sketch? Here it is.

Brady looks like a monster in it, which is apt because you know who else is a monster? Any one who thinks Trump ‘s continual accusations of people being ‘losers” is any way a presidential candidate should speak. The possibility that not only people want to vote for him but that he could maybe, in some inverted Hell, become president is incredibly terrifying.

We all felt sort of bad for Brady when we saw this sketch because it was so egregiously terrible. We thought it did a horrible job representing him. But when the star QB said he ‘d like to see Trump as president, it became immediately clear he doesn ‘t have much interest in accurate or fair representation. Guys, he wants a man who said all Mexicans were rapists to run our country. That ‘s like saying all NFL players are not rapists. It ain ‘t true.

If Tom Brady wants the type of man Trump is to be president then he gets a shitty portrait of him. Hell, make it his NFL lineup portrait for what it ‘s worth. If he ‘s so upset about it, he can just get his buddy to pay for a better one. But don ‘t be too surprised, Tom, when you ‘re ‘friend” disses you after you lose a game he wanted you to win.

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