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Why Are People Freaking Out That Trump Didn’t Correct The Man Who Said Obama Was Muslim?

Want to hear something Donald Trump did that you already knew was going to happen? It doesn ‘t matter if you said yes or no, you were responding to a written question on a computer screen. Technology ain ‘t that advanced yet, homie.

At a campaign town hall event, an audience member rose to ask a question and made the following statement: ‘We have a problem in this country. It ‘s called Muslims. We know our current president is one.” He then graciously asked, ‘When can we get rid of them?”

To this, Trump said nothing. Well, he said ‘Right.” But he said nothing to correct the man that Obama is not Muslim, though of course there is nothing wrong with that. Here ‘s a clip of the incident:

So this morning people are flipping out, which is insane because what did they expect? Seriously? Did you think Donald Trump, the man who spearheaded the truther movement against Obama ‘s birth certificate was going to defend the president? Even when Obama eventually showed his birth certificate, Trump was mad suspicious. So yeah, this seems like the kinda thing this shit bag would do.

Also, the dude who asked the question? Why would he ask something like that? Let me break it down for you. That piece of shit from White Plains decided a Donald Trump rally would be a good use of his time. This is a man who wants Donald Trump to lead our country. Yeah, he ‘s a little fucker, there ‘s no questioning that.

So everything that happened was 100% predictable. No, Obama is not a Muslim. Yes, Trump and this dude from White Plains both suck. We knew both of those things.

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