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7 Other Times Rex Ryan Regretted His Words

After a week of trash-talking the New England Patriots, Buffalo Bills coach Rex Ryan was forced to eat his words this Sunday following a 40-32 drubbing by opposing coach Bill Belichick and star QB Tom Brady. However, this isn ‘t the first time Ryan let hubris get the best of him. Below are seven other quotes that the outspoken coach later regretted:

‘I can get both my fists into my mouth. Don ‘t believe me? Gimme a tub of Vaseline and 10 minutes, and you just watch ‘ you ‘ll all be calling me Fist-Face Ryan.”

‘The 2015 Buffalo Bills can beat the 1996 Chicago Bulls in any sport. I don ‘t see any of you cowards offering up a time machine to prove me wrong.”

‘I am Jesus Christ. I don ‘t mean I legally changed my name to ‘Jesus Christ ‘ ‘ I did do that too, by the way ‘ what I ‘m saying is that I am Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Ask anyone, they ‘ll tell you.”

‘Before tonight is through, I will have seduced all 29 other head coaches ‘ wives with my special song.”

‘You guys seen that CERN Supercollider? The thing that found the God Particle? I ‘m gonna get drunk and beat the shit out of that high-and-mighty Supercollider. Fuck that thing ‘ thinks it ‘s better'n me.”

‘Geno Smith is a good quarterback.”

‘I ‘m gonna write the entire third season of ‘Homeland. ‘ I watched the first two seasons ‘ how goddamn hard could it be?”

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