By: Simon Johnston

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Smurfs: The Problem The Social Justice Movement Has Been Avoiding

There has been a push in the past year to increase the awareness of marginalized communities in our country experiencing violence, and harassment. The internet ‘s social justice movement is strong, and I for one commend the actions that people everywhere are taking to turn the tide against violence and hatred, until now.

There is a community that is vastly overlooked by the Social Justice movement, the smurf community. People in this country contribute to the problem by willfully ignoring both the existence of Smurfs, and the constant oppression that affects them. This problematic problem of smurfcism is rampant and disgusting, and I ‘m having a real problem with people who refuse to admit that this problem is problematic.

A perfect example. The other day I was walking down the street when I overheard two young men joking around, and casually throwing around the S-word. They were saying things like ‘boy you really s-worded this up”, and ‘you ‘re my s-word”. I personally find it disgusting that anyone can walk around and willfully take part in the exploitation of the Smurf community by liberally employing the s-word in casual conversation. Recognizing the problematic language these two boys were using, I walked right up to these two young men, and told them that by saying the S-word they were contributing to hundreds of years of Smurficsm, and that was problematic. What could have been an educational moment for these two non-smurf people turned into them laughing in my face, and telling me Smurfs don ‘t exist.

It ‘s problematic pictures like this one that are causing problems for this country, and that ‘s problematic.

I ‘ve heard it from ignorant people before that ‘smurfs don ‘t exist.” You know what I say to those people? If Smurfs didn ‘t exist, how else did they meet Neil Patrick Harris?

What is it with this country and ignoring scars that stem from years of oppression? I ‘ve heard it everywhere. In bars, classrooms, and even in my own family gatherings ‘this used to be cute, but now we ‘re worried about you” or ‘we think you should see someone, this needs to stop.” Well let me educate you, there is nothing cute about the exploitation and discrimination of Smurfs and I will never go see someone, and the fact that you think I should see someone is problematic.

To everyone who ‘s ever told me that I ‘m crazy for being a SJW (or Smurf Justice Warrior), let me tell you that you ‘re the crazy ones! Somewhere out there right now there is a smurfcist wizard running around trying to steal all the Smurf ‘s smurfberries and we ‘re sitting in our privilege castles calling for divorce, and not letting people like me see our sons all because we are fighting the enormously problematic issue of smurficsm. So to anyone who refuses to accept that both Smurfs, and the systems of oppression that keep them down don ‘t exist, which includes everyone I ‘ve ever loved, I tell you to check your privilege.

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