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10 Leaked Features Of The Upcoming Apple Car

Reports indicate Apple is committed to working on a car. These are details and specs that have been released.

  • 2.2 TB of Trunk Storage
  • Apple Hybrid Technology powers the car using a mixture of gasoline, electricity, and Chinese child labor
  • When the car crashes, data is gathered and applied to future crashes
  • Windshield automatically shatters at the lightest fender bender
  • Horn plays the entirety of U2 ‘s catalog when honked
  • You may use your iPhone while on the toilet, but the toilet can also be used while in the Apple Car (it has a toilet)
  • Doesn ‘t work underground or in tunnels
  • Really neat leather seats
  • If you hold down on the car for a moment it will shake a bunch and then if you hit the ‘x” your car will disappear
  • Steering wheel replaced with an elegant single button

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