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Check Out This Supercut Of Louis C.K. Hating On Cell Phones

If you ‘re familiar with Louis C.K. ‘ which, if you ‘re not, then wow, where do you live? What do you do? This is fascinating to me ‘ then you likely already know about his stance on cell phones, i.e., he does not like them. If you want a refresher, or if you didn ‘t already know about Louis C.K. and his opinions on mobile devices ‘ which, again, this is crazy, like how do you not know about him? He ‘s incredibly famous ‘ take a look at this supercut by Lu ‘s Azevedo, which collects the comedian ‘s thoughts on cell phones from standup sets, late night conversations, and scenes from his show. His show is called Louie by the way, in case you haven ‘t seen it, and can we just say, if you haven ‘t, this whole situation is kinda nuts.

h/t The A.V. Club

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