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Here Is What Else Should Be In “Normal Barbie’s” Period Party Pack

Barbie is getting a makeover! Her name is Lammily and she ‘s been praised as being ‘normal Barbie.” Along with her more realistic proportions, Lammily now comes with a period party pack, to help young girls get familiar with and learn about their menstrual cycles.
Here is what is already in that pack.

  • 1 educational pamphlet
  • 1 pair of panties, fits Lammily doll
  • 18 reusable colored pads and liners stickers
  • 1 calendar & dot stickers

That ‘s great and all but in order to give young girls an even more realistic introduction to what getting their period will entail, here is what also should be in that pack.

  • Four bars of 85% Dark Chocolate
  • Rare steak
  • Apology cards to those you scorn and harass while PMSing
  • Red Wine (does not come with glasses, if we are being realistic)
  • 2 more pairs of panties because the first will be ruined
  • One of those personal cheesecakes to celebrate not being pregnant
  • A log of salami
  • DVD box set of TV show that went off air eight years ago
  • Another Lammily doll to walk behind you and constantly check your pants for you.

Also, for what it ‘s worth, feel free to toss the calendar and dot stickers. Literally you will never use those.

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