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Watch Jeremy Lin Nae Nae With Riley Curry On His Quest To “Fit In The NBA”

How does one feel at home in the NBA? The first step is you have to be real good at basketball, but assuming you already have that down on lock, Jeremy Lin is here with a few more tips for you. In a new video called ‘How to Fit in the NBA,” the Charlotte Hornets point guard gets advice from former teammates and friends on slang words, sacrifices, long socks, and more.

Plus, as a special gift from the almighty blooper gods, at least ‘ of the video is bloops, including a rendition of the Whip/Nae Nae dance with Princess of the NBA Riley Curry and her dad Steph. Because if you wanna fit in the NBA, you gotta be good with Riley.

Check out the full vid below:

h/t Vibe

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