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Why Do We Think Boehner Was Crying During The Pope’s Speech?

Video is circulating of soon-to-no-longer-be Speaker of the House John Boehner tearing up yesterday listening to Pope Francis speak to Congress.

Now, anyone familiar with Boehner knows he is very in touch with his emotions and likes to cry a lot. It is totally OK for men to cry. It ‘s 2015 and we ‘re cool with that. The issue is crying during the work day. Like, a lot. Boehner, take a tip from a bunch of professional criers: Head to the bathroom or broom closet if you really need a good midday weep.

But why was Boehner crying yesterday during the Pope ‘s speech? Here is what we ‘re thinking as to why.

  • The Senate failed to defund Planned Parenthood
  • He hasn ‘t seen a person in such a beautiful white gown since his wedding day.
  • Got teared up thinking he ‘d have to tell his best friends in Congress that he is leaving. Goodbyes are so hard.
  • Was very hungry.
  • He remembered that they killed Old Yeller at the end of Old Yeller. Sorry if that spoiled the movie for you ‘
  • Our boy Biden was telling some tear-inducing funny jokes behind the Pope ‘s back.
  • He realized he ‘ll never be Pope.
  • Thursdays are his long day and he forgot to eat breakfast and just needed a good cranky cry.

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