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Man Buns Might Make Hipsters Go Bald But They’ll Make That Cool, Too

Bad news, boys. The top-knot hairstyle hipster dudes have been rocking for a while now that ‘s been getting them loads of butt might be their eventual downfall. Dermatologists are saying that the ‘tension on hair follicles caused by a top knot is a cause oftraction alopecia.” Basically, dudes are going bald because top knots are making their hair fall out.

But let ‘s hold off on throwing a pity party for these trendy boys. Hipsters are known for their ability to persevere and take the most taboo and often non-attractive looks and turn them into that season ‘s hottest thing.

When all these dudes suddenly go bald because of their knotted up-dos, they ‘re going to rock it so hard. Expect organic beeswax dome shiner and decorative head tattoos that mean something in a language spoken only by forest nymphs.

These bald boys are gonna be rocking baby-girl head bands and start wearing toupees, ironically of course. Eventually, the trend is going to spill over into the ‘norms” world and your dad will start going bald just to fit in.

The joke, ultimately, is on these dermatologists who are trying to scare free spirits into being less stylish. But that isn ‘t ever going to work because hipster code clearly states that the less stylish you try to be, the more stylish you come across.

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