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John Oliver Resurrects A Soap Opera Star To Explain The European Refugee Crisis

If your excuse for not learning more about the European refugee crisis was that you were waiting for Vox to do an easy to follow explainer, then you ‘re fooling yourself because they wrote that shit like a month ago and it was as informative as hell (read it here).

But if your excuse was that you were waiting for John Oliver ‘s Last Week Tonight to explain the refugee crisis in a way that was easy to follow and entertaining, then I ‘m afraid that excuse is no longer valid either, I ‘m afraid.

The segment does what John Oliver does best: breaks down a complicated issue into the salient key points, and humanizes those that are otherwise being unfairly dehumanized by politicians and lesser news media.

After showing that a video used by Fox News to purportedly show that radical Muslim (possible terrorists!) were migrating across European borders was actually a 2010 video from France, LWT showed what responsible journalism looked like by showing an interview footage of a young girl who just wants to go to school and work, who is excited about being an astronaut and possibly meeting the Queen, who improved her English by watching American soap operas. Migrants aren ‘t people to be afraid of; they ‘re just people.

And if that doesn ‘t convince you, fine, LWT says you can be a selfish prick, but it still makes sense to let migrants into your country, since multiple economic studies show that in the vast majority of cases, letting migrants into your country offers an economic benefit in the long run.

Watch the video below all the way through ‘ there ‘s a surprise at the end you won ‘t want to miss.

As always, thank you Mr. Oliver and the LWT team for doing what you do.

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