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Jon Snow Paparazzi Photos From Game Of Thrones Set; Can I Please Expense This Costume For Halloween?


The internet is abuzz with paparazzi photos from on set of HBO shooting the sixth season of Game Of Thrones, which is set to premier this April. The photos appear to show actor Kit Harington dressed as his character Jon Snow, which is a [SPOILER!] surprise to many fans because the beloved character was stabbed to death at the end of the last season. So naturally, the question on my mind is:

Can I please order a Jon Snow costume for me to personally wear this Halloween, but somehow have it count as a business expense that Funny Or Die will pay for?

So here ‘s the final image of Jon Snow, an aerial shot that pulls away as his blood leaks out onto the white ground beneath him:

Jon Snow dead on the ground. But is he really dead?

And here is one of the paparazzi photos that appears to show actor Kit Harington on set, presumably dressed as an alive and well Jon Snow:

And here is an image of the Jon Snow costume I want to buy and somehow justify having Funny Or Die pay for:

Pretty sweet, right? And at $600 a total steal!

It ‘s available from and it would be totally awesome if FOD could do me a solid and buy this for me.

Here are some possible justifications that I ‘ve thought of:

  • we should shoot a sketch now rather than wait for the premier in April just in case HBO surprises us and premiers it early
  • if this article ended with a photo of the FOD employee (Nate Dern) wearing the Jon Snow costume, that would be pretty awesome
  • for fun?

That ‘s all I ‘ve got so far. If you have better justifications for how I can convince my employer to allow me to purchase this costume and get reimbursed for the full amount, please leave your idea in the comments.

In case my boss is reading this, Dan, look how bad ass I will look in this costume:

FOD writer Nate Dern looking VERY badass as Jon Snow

Come on, Dan. Please? We ‘re always expensing stuff like printer toner. Couldn ‘t we expense one little very expensive Halloween costume? It will give me so much confidence, I ‘ll be guaranteed to write way better articles for at least a month after.

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