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Trevor Noah Hosts His First Daily Show And Vows To Continue The War On Bullshit

They ‘re big shoes to fill (metaphorically, of course. Jon is a small man) and Trevor Noah stood tall in them last night. The new host of The Daily Show vowed to continue fighting the good fight against the vast and never-ending legions of bullshit.

Noah was fully aware of the audience ‘s phantom-Jon syndrome, and carefully welcomed and guided us through his first show, reassuring us he was just as nervous. But to help him out he did get the official walk of approval by drag superstar Rupaul. So he honestly had no excuse to not go out and strut all of his stuff.

And he got through it all! And he did well! The general consensus from the internet is that the show was good! It isn ‘t Jon yet, but it could be! And besides, maybe we don ‘t want him to be Jon. Maybe he, himself, doesn ‘t want to be Jon!

Watch the entire show here to see how the new kid did on his first day.

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