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What Delusional World Do You Live In That You Think Facebook Wants Your Photos?

Another year another round of stupid Facebook friends posting a meaningless copyright statement forbidding Facebook from stealing the stuff that they post. Just to set the record straight on this, it isn ‘t real and it is ineffective. This is what you ‘re timeline is probably filled with right now.

Oo! A buncha fancy legal words that can be translated simply to ‘bullshit”

Now that we are all clear that this is a hoax and not true (repeat or share that statement as much as you need) let ‘s ask ourselves, what if it was? What are you posting on Facebook that simply cannot be taken from you? Or more importantly, what statuses and photos are so unbelievable that Facebook would want them?

Are you afraid they ‘re going to snatch this stellar shot your mom took of you at Thanksgiving? This doesn ‘t seem like something the website would yank from you and use as promotional material to celebrate the holidays. But, sure. Let ‘s pretend that this is what they want to get their hands on.

This is truly riveting content right here and thank God you posted that status so the big bad wolves at Facebook can ‘t pretend like it is THEY who are going to play practice and then the mall. What a disaster you have successfully averted.

If we want to all be delusional, we can pretend that Facebook is dying to get their grubby little paws on this blurry photo of a band you saw in 2006. You found out about this band on Myspace. That ‘s the site you should be worried about in this instance.

Sure, no one liked this photo of a big cake that you captioned with one of the five Italian words you know in 2008 but, hey, maybe Facebook is gonna use it now! Better safe than sorry! Though lets be real, this is a terrible photo!
But ultimately there is no reason to post that fear bait status because while Facebook could technically use the stuff you post they 1) probably won ‘t because the minute you delete it off your account they are no longer legally allowed to use it and that ‘d be a big hassle, 2) the status itself is a hoax and ineffective, and 3) you look very stupid posting it.

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