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Netflix: What’s Coming And Going In October

Gather round, Netlfix fans! Netflix just announced the titles of the TV shows and movies that are coming and going from their streaming option in October. See below for a few of the lesser known titles you definitely don ‘t want to miss!

What ‘s coming!

These titles will be available starting October 1st at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Tasty titles from the look at our menu (list) below ‘ I bet your mouth is watering!

  • Drug Mann In this hour-long drama, Mr. Mann, an unassuming affluent suburban father going through a mid-life crisis, makes and or sells drugs. You love these kinds of shows!
  • Extra Cheers The classic television series Cheers gets a special re-release, now with loud stadium noise piped in over all 11 seasons. Bonus episodes include an interview with Shelly Long about her passion for flavored-toothpicks.
  • Teen Moose A dorky teen ‘s life is transformed when a craggily old fortune teller ‘s magical hand job grants him the ability to turn into a moose whenever he wants.
  • Transmorphers We here at Netflix couldn ‘t quite afford the rights to Transformers, so we ‘ll trick you into enjoying the next best thing! From the studio that brought ‘This Bus Needs To Go 60MPH At All Times” and ‘Gone Woman” comes the low budget tale of robots in disguise. Starring Tara Reid, Delroy Lindo and a third person that you ‘re like ‘Seriously? They ‘re in this?!”
  • Big Butt Feminist From Funny Or Die ‘s TV production arm, Big Butt Feminist follows a feminist whose progressive views are always undercut by her big ol ‘ juicy butt that everyone wants to take a big bite outta! Look at that big ol ‘ juicy butt! Yum-yum!
  • Triplet Threat Mary Kate and Ashley and a third girl who looks sort of like them, are balancing solving crimes in their small town and also auditioning for the school play and also one of their parents is dead.
  • Dingus Detective Oliver Dingus may only have a 45 IQ, but he ‘s a also got a .45 gun, which he bought far too easily from an internet wholesaler without having to go through a background check WE NEED TO STAND UP TO THE GUN LOBBIES AND PASS MEANINGFUL GUN CONTROL LEGISLATION TO ELIMINATE THESE TYPES OF LOOPHOLES. I DON ‘T CARE IF MY JOB IS JUST TO WRITE THE BLURBS FOR THE SHOWS – HEY, GET YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF ME – I HAVE IDEALS, DAMMIT! IDEALS!

What ‘s going!

These titles will be flying the coop (the Netflix streaming coop, that is!) as of October 31st at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, so watch these little birdies (TV shows and movie birdies, that is!) while you can!

  • Wallflower This new film from Nicolas Sparks follows Rose, a lonely girl who wants a boyfriend and then finds one. Also she ‘s dying 🙁
  • Ain ‘t That The Tooth Fairy? A young boy with the magical ability to see the tooth fairy has to prove to his parents he isn ‘t schizophrenic, but just a young child with an imagination.
  • Law & Order: SVU Kids! NBC ‘s long running series; kid detectives solve horrendous sex abuse crimes while trying to avoid becoming victims themselves!
  • Sexually Subtitled This culturally relevant film from auteur, Simon deSimone, has 45 different sex scenes each one showing full penetration. But it ‘s French and subtitled so it ‘s not porn it ‘s art and you don ‘t need to be embarrassed when it shows up in your View History. (PS – The scene with the two dudes and that one redhead chick 27 mins in is extra hot so def masturbate to that part) (Suggested because you recently enjoyed: Blue Is The Warmest Color).
  • The Beatles Are Sad – In this 12-part documentary series, the two living members of the world ‘s greatest rock band explain how incredibly painful it can be knowing you ‘ll never be able to count all your money.
  • Spookman ‘s Hall – This British sci-fi anthology series is just likeBlack Mirror only each episode stars Mr. Bean. It ‘s been on for 28 seasons in the UK.
  • The Dullest Yet Also Darkest Thing A critically-acclaimed documentary series in nine 3-hour parts. Probably not something you ‘ll get around to watching, but good to have in your queue for six to seven months before you give up on it.
  • Arch Nemesis After a competing fast food chain proposes a deal to combine two flagship items, a CEO must decide whether to agree to the truce or take down a king by any means necessary.

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