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LINKS! 10 Distracting Scarlett Johansson Pics, 82 Failed ‘Bob’s Burgers’ Businesses, And More!

This week ‘s links were assembled with the sole purpose of fighting crime.

  • 10 Sexy Scarlett Johansson Photos To Distract You From America ‘s Gun Problem – StarWipe
  • All 82 Of The Failed Businesses Next To Bob ‘s Burgers – Fast Company
  • Inside SNL With Writers Sarah Schneider And Chris Kelly – Splitsider
  • Listen To Will Smith ‘s Greatest Hits Played All At Once – Above Average
  • Sure, I ‘m a Feminist, But If I Support Other Women, How Will I Become the Highlander? – Reductress
  • Review ‘s Andy Daily Has Very Good Taste In YouTube Videos – Team Coco
  • The Best Tweets Immediately Following The O.J. Simpson Verdict – Gawker

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