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Phubbing Explained And Defended By Someone Who Phubs

What ‘s up hip teens? Have you heard of the new slang term Phubbing? It ‘s when you ‘re playing on your phone while you ‘re with someone (usually a hottie that you are boning) and therefore are snubbing them. Scientists say that phubbing leads to higher levels of depression. Boooo! That sucks. But before we give phubbing a bad rep, let ‘s check in with someone who claims to regularly phub!

Sup nerds, I ‘m here to talk to you guys about ‘ hold on, I just got a text.

OK, sorry about that. I ‘m here to talk about phubbing, which is what a bunch of narcs are calling being on the phone while you chill with someone. Wait one sec, going to respond to this new text.

OK, anyways, there isn ‘t anything really wrong with phubbing, which by the way is a totally lame name. I ‘d call it something cooler like ‘- oh, just ‘hold on

‘ What was I saying? Oh yeah, the word ‘phubbing” is dumb. You know who else was dumb, my cousin Nick. Here ‘s a photo of him.


Sorry, I got caught up in looking at every photo of Nick he has ever posted. What an idiot. Going back to what we were talking about. What were we talking about? Oh yeah. I spend quality time with everyone I spend time with. Oh man, that ‘s a good tweet. Let me tweet that.

.. k, cool. Tweeted it. Let me check if it ‘s gotten any faves. k, cool. One fave. So yeah, I don ‘t really feel like I phub but even if I did, the time I spend with people on my phone is just as valuable and that matters, too.

‘Oo, two faves now. Cool.

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