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This Island Of Ants Is The Biggest “Nope!” You’ll See All Week

You know how growing up you were taught to care about creatures smaller than you? Remember how you were constantly reminded of value of teamwork. Well, we ‘ve found a video that instantaneously strips you of those beliefs and will make you instinctively want to stock up on Raid.

After the South Carolina floods this weekend, fire ants banded together to create ant islands and survive the rising waters. It ‘s like a lazy river, if that river was the River Styx and you were headed to Hell.

This island of fire ants is just the dosage of ‘nope,” ‘nuh uh,” and ‘nahhhh homie” you need for the week. Sorry we ‘re showing you this video but the world has to know just how fucked nature can be. Real fucked, man. Real fuckin ‘ fucked.

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